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Why Electronic Records are Safer Than Paper Documents

Why Electronic Records are Safer Than Paper Documents

Here are some reasons why it’s safer for you to use electronic records.

People have mixed feelings regarding paper and electronic records. On the one hand, there are situations in which people feel perfectly comfortable sharing information, such as handing a credit card to a waitress at a restaurant. Some people may even feel comfortable leaving checks in their mailbox for several hours, or sometimes even days. However, those same people may suddenly hesitate at the idea of doing paper or online bill payments because of worries about security.

Organizations can experience similar concerns. When companies are converting from paper documents to electronic records, they can become worried about how safe their documents are. But electronic records offer more security than paper ones, on average. Here are some reasons why it’s safer for you to use electronic records.

Prevention of Inappropriate Access

Inappropriate access is what happens whenever people are able to unlock records storage locations. This also occurs when records are left in less secure areas, like on top of counters or desks. When this happens, people who are not meant to read certain documents are able to access them more easily.

Electronic records make this much less likely. These records can be encrypted, meaning that documents that are either stolen or copied will still be inaccessible to people who misappropriate them. This makes electronic records a better option for guarding sensitive information.

Prevent Data Tampering

If you leave paper documents out in the open, it’s possible for people to mess with them. Pages can be removed. Information can be erased. But if you have electronic records, you can set them up with digital signatures that let you know whenever instances like these occur. There are also timestamps that let people know when records get moved or altered in any way.

Keep Records From Being Lost

Since papers are constantly moved around, it can be easy for them to get lost. Electronic records, on the other hand, usually stay in one place. Paper records also don’t tend to get copied, meaning that you don’t have a backup file if the original gets misplaced. Electronic records don’t have this same issue, making them easier to maintain than paper ones.

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

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