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Encouraging Collaboration in the Workplace with ECM

Collaboration through ECMCollaboration is one of the most important elements in the workplace, and with today’s technology, collaboration is becoming easier every day. In order for a team to stay healthy, become more organized, and move forward, they need an easy way to collaborate and work on the same documents together. Any business runs as a team sport, and as a team, everyone needs easy access to the same resources. This is where Enterprise Content Management (ECM) comes in. Products like ECMNOW! can help employees collaborate in many different ways.

  • Work on the Same Document – ECMNOW! ensures that you can work on the same document as someone else without worrying about overwriting their work. It enables employees to share documents so that the company and different can move forward on tasks without having to physically transfer information back and forth between colleagues.
  • Search Capabilities – Employees can search through all of the documents in the ImageSilo database for your company in order to get the information needed for projects or other information. It makes documents portable and easy to access, which is great for easy communication.
  • Various Types of Documents – Different projects require different types of documents and ImageSilo can handle up to 250 different types of files including paper records, images, print streams, and even emails so that it’s easy to find everything an employee may need for a project. All of this information can be tracked in minutes.

Inspire better collaboration and more team oriented projects with ECMNOW! and ImageSilo from Digitech Systems.

Help your customers and employees get the best experience possible, while saving yourself time and money. ECMNOW! gives you the perfect way to work quickly, efficiently, and deliver an exemplary customer experience for manufacturing companies.

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