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ECMNOW! for the Manufacturing Industry

ECM for ManufacturingIf there is one thing that is certain for the manufacturing industry, it’s that there is a LOT of paperwork involved. Clients need invoices, the manufacturing company needs to have copies of what they’ve created, bought, or sold, and archives need to be properly kept and updated. The easiest way for a manufacturing company to succeed is to be able to have access to every document and archive, and to allow customer access as well. Companies such as Bigelow Tea have even been able to benefit from ECM systems, according to Nucleus Research analysts. If you own a distribution company, there are a few things you need to know about ECM and how it can benefit you.

  • Add efficiency. You always want to be able to communicate internally as well as with your customer or client. ECMNOW! allows you to convert invoices, purchase orders, and other important paper documents to electronic files. These files can be archived and easily accessed, and can also be shared with customers for better accountability. With the search capabilities of PaperSilo, you can easily access these documents from anywhere, safely and securely.
  • Meet compliance standards. With every company and industry, there are certain standards that you need to live up to. Keeping track of your documents can help you avoid fines and other consequences that come with losing track of important paperwork. Complying with mandated standards will ultimately save you both time and money, which are of utmost importance in the distribution industry.
  • Save money. As mentioned before, meeting compliance standards can help you save money, but you’ll also save money in paper costs, extra software, hardware, and IT sources. ECMNOW! can even help you keep track of your expenditures and incoming money. It allows for growth and savings all at the same time!

Help your customers get the best experience possible, while saving yourself time and money. ECMNOW! gives you the perfect way to work quickly, efficiently, and deliver an exemplary customer experience for manufacturing companies.

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