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FileBound ECM for the Medical Industry

FileBound, a top company in the content and document management industry, has shown their ability to revolutionize the medical industry. This effort can be exemplified by the business they’ve done with Alamo Asthma & Allergy.paper, papers, filing, file, files, stack, overload

Alamo Asthma & Allergy’s need for an increase in space came as their amount of patients began to grow irregularly with their space. What took up most of that space, was the vast patient documentation. As with most highly regulated professions, the importance of document safety and control is also imperative for medical professions.

Much of Alamo’s staff and hours were dedicated to filing, retrieving, and altering these files in a methodic way that insured the files integrity, but piled up company minutes and dollars. Knowing their need for an advancement in content and document management, Alamo hired FileBound to makeover that side of their business, just as they had done to others.

The change process started with scanning the 3,500 files Alamo had. After this they were able to upload all he data over the interview to the server in the office, using the browser system provided by FileBound. This immediately solved two issues. First it freed up the room used to store the 3,500 pages of files, and secondly it allowed all those files to be viewed, altered, and printed from various locations.

FileBound continue to aid the process by catering to Alamo Asthma’s prior system. They kept the patients forms and documents as they were, and then adapted them to an e-form with a bar code for scanning. This bar code became the tracing mechanism that would decrease the client document search to less than a second.

FileBound’s effort in this development was most effective because they managed to keep the staff familiar. The structure of the documents weren’t drastically changed, and the way by which you could alter and print the documents became only less complicated. FileBound even came into this process understanding the ways in which the document and content management had to comply with the Health and Human Services. Most importantly, FileBound understood the importance of the companies documents, and managed to set up a system where the files are saved onto an external hard drive at the end of every day, just in case the server crashed.

FileBound continues to lend their services to various fields. By successfully adapting a medical company, whose reliance on document usage is as great as any business, FileBound has proven that the services they provide are beneficial world-wide.

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