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The Four Steps of ECM


Step One: Collecting Information

Traditionally, a business collects and sorts information manually. But now, thanks to imaging or capture software, such as PaperVision® Capture, files are converted to digital images.

Step Two: Organizing Information

Now that the documents are digital, they are classified and sorted by type, making it easier to search for the information you need using an artificial intelligence engine such as PaperVision® Forms Magic.

Step Three: Delivering Information

After the data has been extracted, the documents are automatically sent on to the next person for processing by workflow software, such as PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow.

Step Four: Storing Information

Documents are safely stored with an ECM solution, such as PaperVision® Enterprise or ImageSilo® with easy and secure access from any location, at any time.

When combined, these four solutions can dramatically improve the flow of information and improve office processes.

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