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How Can Digitizing Microfilm or Microfiche Benefit a University?

Micro Record for UniversityMany universities have copies of old newspapers or original prints of books on microfilm and microfiche. This helps to ensure that they are maintained and don’t disappear over the course of history; it has also helped universities save space in the past. However, there are now more efficient ways of conserving space and ensuring the safety of microfiche and microfilm records: digitizing them. Converting micro records to digital files will help you keep your records safe, organized, and easy to access, without the need of a special machine.

  • Safe from disaster – Keeping a hard copy of the microfiche is always a good idea, but accidents and disasters happen. Storms can tear through buildings and fires break out. The best way to ensure the safety of records is to digitize them so you can access them from anywhere at anytime.
  • Easier access – Currently, the only easy way to view microfiche or microfilm is with a proper reader. Digitizing these records gives students and faculty a much easier way to access the records for use in the classroom or research. Being able to access these records more easily can help students get a better understanding of the past.
  • Efficiency – Rather than having to load films back and forth, students and faculty can view more than one film at a time; if the films are loaded on to PDFs, it also gives users the ability to make notes and edit directly on the PDFs and have easier access to printing.
  • Clear some space – Most libraries need all of the space that they can get, both for their students to have space to work in the library, as well as so that there is enough room for books and computers. The more space that can be cleared out by moving the micro records to storage after digitizing them, the more space will be available for students to work.

Digitizing and indexing your microfiche can make it simple to access and much safer. Micro Records can digitize your records in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring that you get your records back safely and within your budget. If your university library is still operating on microfiche, consider digitizing now!

Our production process is designed to provide the utmost safety with regards to handling your original film. Your job is logged in, quality controlled before, during and after the scanning process. The finished job is carefully packaged and sent back to you with your originals. You can reach Micro Records by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow Micro Records on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!


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