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Go Green While Saving some Green with DigiTech Systems

Going greenEvery day you hear more and more about how Earth’s resources are starting to fail. We’re running low on many natural resources and we’re slowly destroying the environment around us. Fortunately, there are ways to go green without breaking your bank. In fact, going green not only helps you save the Earth, but it can also help you save precious dollars. Every company looks for places to cut from the budget. DigiTech Systems allows you to cut where it really counts: paper costs.

How can DigiTech Systems help?

  • ImageSilo and PaperVision are both programs that run through DigiTech systems. These will help you organize your information electronically rather than physically. This means that you’ll no longer be printing off reams of paper worth of paperwork, but instead you’ll be able to access up to date documents via a secure online connection. The systems allow for encrypted information to stay safe and can help your employees be more productive. Working from home becomes a more viable option. Believe it or not, that also helps save the environment. The less people on the road, the less emissions are going into the atmosphere. Plus, your employees are saving on gas. If all of your employees work from home one day per week or even one day per month, it can save you money on electricity, water, and other bills.
  • You’ll use less paper, less ink, and less energy. Not only will you be saving trees, but once your paperwork is digitized, you’ll be able to access it anytime from anywhere. You’ll also save on space. Rather than having a filing cabinet, all you’ll need is a laptop or a desk setup with a computer; chances are both are already present in your office. You can do important things with the extra space that will make your office feel more open and comfortable.

Make a point to go green and save yourself some money at the same time. There’s nothing quite like being able to spend the extra money on important office needs rather than throwing them away on office supplies that are slowly polluting our earth.

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