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How Can Universities Benefit from Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

ECM for UniversitiesIf you’ve ever enrolled in college or seen someone enroll in college, you know how much paperwork is involved, simply to begin taking classes. There are numerous forms to fill out, both online as well as on paper. All of these documents must be accounted for in order for you to enroll and begin a secondary education; the paperwork only continues from there, as universities expect more paperwork to be filled out every year (see the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA). With thousands of students in some of these universities, you can imagine how daunting of a task it must become to keep track of all the paperwork, especially with all of the different departments who need the same information.

This is where ECM comes in. DigiTech’s ImageSilo allows for these documents to be streamlined and entered in an easily accessible way. It also allows you to store emails, budgets, and other information that may need to be accessed at anytime. ECM has some major benefits for universities:

  • Work from home – Nonessential personnel who don’t have to report on snow days can access information from home if they have the security access to do so. All of the information is encrypted and safe from other prying eyes.
  • Access files in different departments – There is a good chance the different departments are going to need to access the same information for a student or budget. Each department can make sure that they’re looking at the latest updated version of a document by using ImageSilo.
  • Export files – With ImageSilo, you have the ability to export to spreadsheets. This is helpful to get certain statistical information and to be able to work on files outside of ImageSilo.

Universities have enough to worry about without having to spend hours searching through paperwork. Streamline the information using DigiTech’s ImageSilo!

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