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How to Improve Record Keeping for Educational Institutions

educational document managementKeeping records in an efficient, effective way can be a serious problem for educational institutions in Maryland. Educational institutions have to keep a variety of records for every staff member and student that walks through the doors: medical records, educational records, financial information, etc. It’s a big job that requires personnel to work together and collaborate to make sure that all of the information is properly stored and accessible to the right people. Keeping paper records causes clutter, plus you run the risk of losing all of the important information in a disaster. Most schools are transitioning to digital records. The challenge with digital records is finding a solution that is affordable and useful. FileBound happens to have the perfect digital record keeping solution.

Advantages of FileBound for Record Keeping

  • Quickly process information – When you need student records, you usually need them quickly. It’s also nice to be able to process the information into the system quickly to avoid hours of tedious paperwork and filing. FileBound does the tough work for you and allows you to search out any information you need quickly. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly transfer all of the records and information to a new school district when a student transfers. FileBound takes the hassle out of record keeping.
  • Better security – Paper records are highly susceptible to theft, vandalism, loss, and damage. All of the records that schools keep are kept for a reason. Losing these papers or having them fall into the wrong hands could spell disaster for a school district or student. FileBound allows you to keep all records securely on a remote server. This ensures that even if disaster does strike at home, you’ll still be able to remotely access the records. You have the option to password protect all documents as well to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Inexpensive solution – FileBound isn’t going to break the bank. It doesn’t require you to buy a lot of new hardware to increase space since the information is stored in the cloud. They also take care of all your FileBound IT needs, questions, and updates so you don’t have to worry about. This eliminates the need for more administrative and IT personnel. Your district can hire where it’s important instead and focus on putting money towards education.

If record keeping has been a problem for your school district, it’s time to consider a better solution. Optimizing your process and digitizing your information will help you to improve the way that your school keeps and distributes records. If you would like to learn more FileBound for Maryland school districts, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!

Source: FileBound

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