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New Technology: Protect Your Books Using the CoLibri Cover System

The CoLibri Cover System creates amazing book covers for any size book in 20 seconds or less!

The CoLibri Cover System creates amazing book covers for any size book in 20 seconds or less!

Books need protection. Cover to cover, they hold our favorite tall tales, dramas, nail biters, historical facts and the information we need most to expand our knowledge. But what good is the experience of learning from a book if you can’t even read it due to the poor state of the pages and cover? Meet CoLibri – a new automatic book covering system for schools and libraries that will protect your books!


How Does It Work?


The CoLibri Cover System is a compact, lightweight trimming and welding machine that creates perfect protective covers for books in 20 seconds or less. The CoLibri Cover durably adheres to any book without glue or tape, and doesn’t alter the original book cover. Worried about sizing? Don’t. The CoLibri Cover can custom fit books of any size with ease and accuracy. This is a game changer for schools and libraries who want to keep the content in their library as protected as possible, for years to come. Watch a tutorial on how it works here.


Features and Benefits


  • Speed: Cover a book in 20 seconds or less, saving money and increasing productivity.
  • Mess Free Protection: The protective cover adheres to the book without the use of tape, glue or adhesives – ensuring the book is not defaced or damaged.
  • Book Size: 3 sizing options ensures 98% coverage of all books without physical cutting, no matter how big or small – including softcovers, hardcovers and hardcovers with dust jackets.
  • Seal Edges: The welding bar form fits to seal the edges of the cover, providing more protection for books in the corners where they need it most.
  • Save Money: The CoLibri Cover doubles the life of a book, resulting in less replacement costs.
  • Polyethylene Cover: The cover is light resistant, breathable, water resistant and acid free. This means the book cover will not fade, print will not stick to it, water will not harm it, and there will be no cracking or discoloration!
  • Transparency: Because the cover is transparent, you can easily see the original cover, scan bar codes and read the book summary.


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If you are interested in this new and convenient way to cover books to cut costs and ensure maximum life, Micro Records can help you with that. Our products can get you on the right track. If you want to learn more about how we can help you to smoothly transition to the digital age, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visiting!


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