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New Technology: Scan Books Using the book2net Spirit

The book2net Spirit is the first entry level high resolution scanner of its time!

The book2net Spirit is the first entry level high resolution scanner of its time!

In the past, if you wanted to read a book for leisure or needed a textbook, you went to the library and sought it out – to later flip through the pages by hand. In today’s digital world, e-books are all the rage. It has become increasingly popular to read your favorite literature electronically through an e-book reader or opt for cheaper electronic versions of educational textbooks. But have you ever gone into a library and wished you could conveniently scan a specific book that might not be available online? Now you can, with book scanning devices like the book2net Spirit.

What is The book2net Spirit?


The book2net Spirit is the first entry level high resolution book scanner of its time. The Spirit is designed with intent to replace pesky photocopiers in public, government and corporate libraries. The Spirit is extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need for paper, toner and maintenance. This will cut down on waste, dust and reduce energy consumption. To generate revenue, it can easily be attached to a cost recovery system or coin-op (where users pay for access to the service).


What Are The Features?


The book2net Spirit is walk-up book scanner for public use that includes several key features to ensure a fast, efficient and beautifully readable result, including:


  • High Resolution Images
  • 1 second image capture
  • Scan to USB or Email
  • Embedded Touch Screen PC included
  • Unrivaled price performance ratio
  • Layout table for books & documents up to A3+
  • Scan area 13,82 x 19,21 inch (351 x 488 mm)
  • Embedded PC with 15″ touch screen with real time preview
  • Scanning speed: 0.2 seconds
  • Cycle time including image preparation: 0.7 seconds
  • High resolution area image sensor
  • Depth of focus 3 inch (7.6 cm)
  • Scan to USB memory stick
  • Automatic exposure time control
  • Color depth: 36bit color internal, 24bit color external
  • Embedded LED illumination support system
  • Windows embedded operating system for maximum protection, (Enchased Write Filter). Long time availability guaranteed.
  • Out of the Box Scan application with integrated image enhancement
  • Customer specific configuration of outputted file format. Single page JPG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG2000; Multipage PDF, TIFF
  • Maintenance free


How Does it Work?


For a tutorial on how to use the book2net Spirit book scanner, click here.


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