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Why Your Office Should Outsource Document Scanning

 Learn why your office should outsource document scanning.

Learn why your office should outsource document scanning.

The advancement of technology is allowing professionals to release their attachment to paper. Although recyclable, paper takes up a lot of space, is difficult to manage, and even harder to keep stored in an organized way. Document scanning is saving offices a lot of time and space and boosting daily productivity. If your business would benefit from more time and greater productivity, here are more reasons why your office should outsource document scanning.

Consider Your Scanning Load

Small businesses can probably handle their workload for document scanning with a simple desktop scanner. This system is appropriate if you only have a few drawers of paper to scan. However, if your business currently has several cabinets of paper or even a file room, it would be more efficient to outsource your scanning needs. Your scanning needs will likely require high-speed scanners, software, and dedicated personnel.

Large Format Scanning

Does your business handle documents in a wide format? Some of these would include engineering drawings or blueprints. In this case, outsourcing your document scanning will give you access to equipment that is designed to handle wide-format images. Specialized scanners for these types of documents are more expensive than average models.

Historical Records

When handling historical records, the process is very important. The condition of the paper is one of the main factors in how the record should be handled, making it a great idea to outsource this work to trained professionals rather than trying to do it yourself. Documents like marriage licenses, newspapers, land records, or other historical documents that require special care use a flatbed scanner. Make sure that the company you outsource to have specific experience with handling particularly brittle and delicate paperwork.


The process of manually indexing each document is a tedious, but necessary part of document scanning to ensure that you can find those documents later. More complicated indexing systems that are more involved than just names and page numbers are just the job for trained operators who work well with advanced capture software.

About Micro Records

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