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Protect Your Computer From Hackers And Viruses

Ensure your data is safe by protecting your computer from hackers and viruses.

Ensure your data is safe by protecting your computer from hackers and viruses.

Technology continues to upgrade and make it easier to store data on our computers, but at the same time, hackers have an easier time stealing that data. Hackers and viruses pose an extreme threat to businesses, as one major data breach can ruin an entire organization. Here are some tips on how to protect your files from hackers and viruses and keep your company safe from data loss.

Secure devices

We do almost everything online these days, including email, online shopping, online banking, and paying bills, and a lot of our personal information is online. Leaving your devices unprotected is an open door for hackers and identity thieves to steal very personal information. Also, viruses or spammers can send unsuspecting emails that will invade your computer and steal and destroy all of your sensitive files. That is why keeping devices secure with rare passwords and extra security is critical today. If your email allows double verification- meaning it takes an extra step to log in to your account to prove it’s really you- do it! While you think entering your password and answering a security question every time you log in is time-consuming, leaving your devices and email unsecure is much worse.


Another essential security measure that many people skip out of convenience is antivirus software, anti-spyware software, and firewalls to protect your devices. Software must be updated regularly to keep your device as protected as possible. Antivirus software protects your device from harmful viruses that destroy your files or crash your device. If you keep the software continually running, it will always check your system for viruses- which can save you from downloading harmful files from a hacker.

Spyware software is installed on most devices without our knowledge and collects personal information about us while we’re online. Some kinds of spyware will obtain your credit card number when you shop online and save your passwords. Antispyware is available to protect you against this spyware and keep your personal information safe.  Firewalls are there to block hackers from entering your computer, but also must be properly set up and updated regularly.

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