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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Document Scanning

Ever wondered how document scanning can help your small business save money?

Document scanning is needed for every business!

Document scanning is an effective and modern way to transform stacks and filing cabinets full of paper into digital records that are easy to access and completely searchable. There are many reasons why document scanning is such a great way to keep your office organized, and today we are delving into some of them! How could your business benefit from document scanning?

Prepare for Tomorrow

Document scanning is the way of the future. Throughout recent history, documents have been kept in numerous formats, from outdated floppy disks to seemingly ancient microfiche. Many offices that converted files over to forms like microfilm in the past then needed to have them updated again and turned into digital files. Once your paper files and microfilm files are updated into digital form, you can turn them into any new format with the click of a button.

Boost Your File Security

Today’s privacy laws are very strict to protect consumer information and anything sensitive, like health data and social security numbers. HIPAA and FACTA both require businesses of any size to take extra steps to control privacy. You can change security on documents to restrict who can see it publicly and within your organization. The moment that an employee leaves or changes their job, you can change their file access. Document scanning also enables you to see who is viewing documents and who has made any changes in the past.

Easy Disaster Recovery

Okay, maybe disaster recovery won’t be easy, but it will be much easier than it would be if you didn’t keep proper records. Document scanning simplifies the disaster recovery process by giving you access to multiple copies of every file that you need. Whether your disaster is a fire, a burglary, or a flood, you will have copies of everything.

Document Scanning from the Pros at Micro Record

Micro Records can help your business transition to a paperless way of life with quality e-forms and technology. Due to our companies outstanding 2017 sales, Digitech Systems has selected Micro Records Company as A 2018 Gold Star Partner!

For more information about how we can help your business utilize proactive monitoring, transition to doing things digitally, get rid of sensitive documents securely or benefit from new technology solutions, visit us online or give us a call at (877) 410-SCAN. For more tips on transitioning your business to paperless technology and going green, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr.

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