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The Book 2 Net Public II: Scanning for the Professional

colibri book coversIf you work in the public library system or in any field that requires a scanner of true quality, then I hope you’re listening. We at Micro Record are happy to back the Book 2 Net Public II system. It is a scanning system that goes to great lengths to provide the cleanest scan while preserving the delicate text it is scanning. We’re having an open house for this product tomorrow, April 1st and Thursday, April 2nd at our facility and we’d love to tell you all about it.  So, come check out what makes this scanner stand out among its peers.

Preservation is an essential act

If you work in the public library system then you know how important it is to preserve the books that you lend out. It’s part of what makes your job so valuable to society and to history. Now, one of the best ways you can continue to preserve the texts you have been keeping up with is to put them into a computerized system. This will keep the prized information available to people all over the world and to the people who will come after us. This system also has a special cradle that will allow you to scan texts while preserving the spine of your book. With the Book 2 Net Public II you can preserve the knowledge and the original. This is, after all, one of the noblest reasons to scan your texts into a computerized system. So, take advantage of the new Book 2 Net Public II system and save all the information you can.

Sharing is caring

When you need to share documents and texts with an international market, scanning the most effective method. You can take your physical documents and transform them into PDF files, word documents, image files, and any other type of file you may need. This scanner can do it all in full color with sharp resolution.

Ready to jump in to the information age?

To talk to a Micro Records representative about the Book 2 Net Public II, call us at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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