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The Plustek eScan A150 will Optimize Your Office

FormsWe at Micro Records are happy to announce that we will be carrying a new product: The Plustek eScan A150! This little powerhouse is going to change the way you work with documents in your office. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. So, not matter what device you need your documents on, you can make it happen. Carry your portfolio with you anywhere so that you can attack that next project with the gusto you’ve been missing.

The possibilities are endless.

The Plustek eScan A150 can handle jobs of all sorts, so whether you’ve got tiny pages or very large ones, you can get the job done. It can handle business cards or pages as large as 9.6’’x 99.60’’, so you don’t have to hold back. This little guy can handle full-color jobs as well. Now, once your scan has been uploaded, you can edit the documents or PDFs. The control that you have over the uploads is complete. You can email them, share them within your network, and upload them to various cloud share programs such as DropBox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Evernote, Box, or FTP. Take one sheet and turn it into a thousand by scanning it and sharing it with the people you need to share it with. It’s the 21st century cure for your disorganization.

It’s user-friendly for all the technophobes in your office.

Not all of us are tech-savvy and that’s ok. The Plustek eScan A150 is very user-friendly with large, clear buttons. Each button on the touch screen is labeled according to its function. Once you’ve make your scans, you can see what you’ve done in a selection of thumbnail images so that navigation through your files is a snap. Transitioning into the modern age of filesharing doesn’t have to be scary. Why not make the transition a lot easier with the Plustek eScan A150?

Ready for total access to your documents on the go?

To talk to a Micro Records representative about the Plustek eScan A150, call us at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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