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Tips for Document Scanning for a Small Business

Document scanning

Learn why your small business should invest in document scanning.

Many modern businesses need to keep digital copies of their information so they can save space and upload it all to the Cloud. Any business engaged in this practice will need to make use of a Document Scanner. Read on for some helpful document scanning tips.  

Before You Get Started

Before you even start scanning documents into your system, make sure you are happy with your digital filing system. If you are not happy with your filing system and organization, finding what you have scanned in may still prove difficult. Make sure you have a file structure you are happy with before you get started.  

Pick The Right File Format

It is important to choose the most appropriate file format for each document. Many people choose PDF files when it comes to document scanning, as both text and pictures easily scan this way. You can choose from other formats however, such as JPG or TIFF.

Check Your DPI

Make sure that you are aware of your DPI (dots per inch). This will ultimately affect your resolution. The higher your DPI, the larger file sizes you will have to deal with. A minimum of 200 DPI is recommended for document scanning.

Choose A User Friendly Scanner

Time is money and there are so many important tasks across the office that need to be completed day in and day out. You don’t need a complex scanner that takes time out of your day to fiddle with in order to complete simple tasks. Opt for a user friendly scanner. Some more high end scanners even allow you to share documents to any devices logged into your wifi network. This will let you share things around the office seamlessly.  

Consider Size

Know the size of the document you will be scanning and take it into consideration. Plans are often drawn up on A3 planners that will not fit the majority of regular scanners. Depending on the kind of work you do and the kind of documents involved, you may need to get a special scanner. It is best to have this figured out before you purchase a scanner and start using them to scan important documents, only to realize that they don’t fit.


Destruction of Documents for Your Office from Micro Records

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