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3 Tips for Corporate Document Destruction

document shredding

Follow these tips to properly shred your documents.

Many companies lose track of just how many sensitive documents they have, and don’t realize how many clients they could be compromising by simply throwing them in the trash.  Security problems can occurs if companies recycle old documents that contain important information.  Here are a few tips when it comes to the destruction of documents in your office.

Don’t Rely On That Recycle Bin

It is critical to realize that a recycle bin is no safer than any trashcan. If a thief is willing to dumpster dive for information, than the recycle bin is not off limits. Recycling bins are often cleaner than trash cans, making them even more attractive to criminals who gather information this way. Most document destruction companies will shred even their recycling, for this reason.

Give Every Employee Their Own Personal Shredder  

According to research, having only one single shredder for every employee to share leads to them throwing most of the things away that they should be shredding. Most employees have already full workloads and no one wants to spend their time waiting in line with massive amounts of papers to shred. Instead, provide every employee with their own personal shredder. This will stop them from compromising clients information and it will not interrupt their workflow. However, be aware of jams and other problems are more common with smaller shredders. If this is a too unwieldy option, you can also place a special box on every employee’s desk for shredded documents. Regularly the contents of these boxes will need to be sent out to a professional shredder, taking it entirely out of your employees hands.

Know What To Shred

When it comes down to it, it is very important that your employees know what needs to be shredded and what does not. They must understand very clearly what counts as sensitive information so they can handle its destruction appropriately. Include this information in the employee handbook and post it in lounge areas. This will be helpful in avoiding mix ups and accidentally exposing people to identity theft.


Destruction of Documents for Your Office from Micro Records

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