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Top Features of Every WorkFlow Management System

workflow management system

With a workflow management system, your employees will be held accountable for their duties.

A workflow management system is used to help increase your business’s productivity. These systems are often used to automate repetitive business processes, follow up with incomplete tasks, and to give you an overall picture of the workflow with customized performance meters. But every workflow management system is actually different. When choosing a workflow management system, it is important that you explore all of the features of a program to decide which of the features will be more beneficial for your business. So what features are there available for workflow systems? Read on to find out!

Create a System in Business Steps

When designing a workflow system, there are two different sides to it: a technical side and the business side. On the technical side, you have the programs that enable the workflow management system to run automatically. But on the business side, you have all of the goals that need to be met with each step requiring input. A good workflow management system will allow you to see the business side without having to think about the complex technical side of the program.

Get on the Cloud

When choosing a workflow management system, it is important to choose one with cloud-based technology. This will give users the ability to work from any location as long as they are signed into the system. A cloud-based software will also allow your system to automatically update and will maintain your investment.

KPI-Based Reports

Just as you have your employees do key performance indicators (KPI) to ensure they are on track, your workflow management system may be able to do the same thing. When you first automate your workflow management system, you may experience some problems with the system. But with a KPI-based report system, your system will allow you to analyze where the system is not running so smoothly and help you fix it.


Out of sight, out of mind. But with a good workflow management system, your employees can get notifications through email or mobile push notifications to remind them of upcoming deadlines. Users will be able to customize the kind of notifications they receive and how often.

Role-Based Access Controls

A role-based access control in your workflow management system will allow your system to contain sensitive information instead of sharing it with everyone in the system. This setting allows you to customize what each individual user can see and edit.

There are many different settings and features that can come with your workflow management system but are you choosing the right features for your system. For more information on implementing a workflow management system in your business, call Micro Records today!

Features for Your WorkFlow Management System by Micro Records!

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