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What Can Document Imaging do for HIPAA Compliance?

Healthcare IndustryThe Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (otherwise known as HIPAA) requires a great deal of paperwork and information from patients and health care providers alike. Complying with HIPAA standards is necessary for every healthcare organization to keep operating, but keeping track of all of the paperwork necessary for compliance can be a challenge. Document imaging and workflow management can aide in streamlining this process and making your healthcare organization more efficient. Digitech Systems offers document imaging programs such as PaperVision and ImageSilo, which can help you store, find, and complete documents for HIPAA compliance.

  • Control – Programs like PaperVision give you complete control over your paperwork and administrative information. The people who need to be able to see HIPAA documents can easily access them, while those who shouldn’t have access to the documents are barred from them. The security of these documents is important and can be maintained much better in a database rather than in (highly risky) folders.
  • Efficiency – At one point or another, there is a chance that you will be audited. During an audit, it’s important to have all of the files on hand that you need. Consider this scenario. You’ve just been given a surprise audit and your auditor wants to know where John Smith’s file is so they can ensure all of his proper forms are filled out, signed, and are compliant. John Smith hasn’t been a patient in about two years, and instead of keeping an old file that takes up too much room, the file has been thrown out. Now what? With PaperVision and ImageSilo, you can ensure that the paperwork gets saved without having to worry about space or taking a lot of time to find a file; simply look it up in the database!
  • Backup – Accidents happen. Fires, floods, and theft can all cause major problems for paperwork compliance. Instead of leaving this up to chance, make sure that all of your paperwork is backed up on a safe and encrypted database. Don’t let a freak accident make HIPAA compliance a nightmare.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and growing. More and more standards get placed upon health care providers every year. Avoid problems by employing a document imaging system from Digitech Systems.

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