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FileBound for Government Documents

FileBound for Government Among some of the most important documents out there are government documents. Court papers, information on criminals, and confidential paperwork should all be easy to find and manage since these documents can be crucial for court cases and legislation. When files end up scattered around, this can cause serious clerical and administrative errors as well.

FileBound has helped the Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas become a more streamlined and efficient system when it comes to keeping track of government documents. They originally had some information stored electronically while other information was floating around in hard copy. In order to find important information, employees had to waste valuable time searching through both the electronic and the paper copies. The court decided it was time for a change and employed the Filebound system, which gave them a number of new benefits for their system.

  • Security – By using Filebound’s imaging system, all of the files are now on an incredibly secure network and no longer floating around in space. For certain files, like permits and criminal records, it is very important that only certain people have access to government documents, and FileBound gives the court system that luxury.
  • Access – The records are now highly accessible to those who need to access them. If files are needed for projects such as auditing, the government documents are easily searched out. Employees no longer have to spend time digging through paper and e-files, but can find exactly what they need when they need it.
  • Savings – Money as well as space have been freed up for other important purposes. The space that used to be occupied by paper files is now used for other things and the less printing the government has to do, the more money they save in paper and ink costs.

Government agencies other than just the Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas can easily benefit from the Filebound system by keeping government documents secure, safe, and easy to find.

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Source: County Court Streamlines Records Management with Filebound

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