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What Can ECM do for your Law Firm?

Law firms are consistently busy places. Someone always needs more information and there is an absurd amount of paperwork needed for lawsuits and court proceedings. In the shuffle of things, it’s easy to lose a document or realize that you don’t have it altogether. A day in court can be completely ruined if you don’t have the proper paperwork and information to carry out a case or an argument. Evidence needs to be closely guarded, as do all of the legal documents involved in proceedings. Being able to organize and prepare these documents is of vital importance. What else can ECM do for the law industry?

  • Add efficiency – Time is money for lawyers. It can also mean the difference between winning and losing a very important case. You don’t want your legal preparers spending all of their time sorting through paper documents that may or may not all be relevant or easy to find. Creating searchable files can help you pinpoint information quickly and easily and also ensure that you have all of the papers that you need where you need them.
  • Take control – Legal documents and evidence are pieces of sensitive information. You don’t just want anyone getting their hands on these papers. Make sure that only your client, the court, and the necessary professionals in your office have access to important documents. You can also prove that nothing has been tampered with by maintaining a record of every change that has been made to a document through its lifetime. ECM provides a secure and easy  way to take control of these documents.
  • Save some green – Not only does ECM allow you to go green, but it allows you to save some, too. Your staff will be able to move more quickly and become more productive. The more work you can get done, the more clients you can take on. Using an ECM system also will help you save on paper and office costs, as well as IT services if you outsource. You can cut nonessential personnel and hire where you really need it. Put your focus where you need it: on your clients and your business.

Enterprise Content Management will help bring your law firm into the 21st century and save you time, energy, and money. Being able to find a document and make sure that you have everything you need before a big case is invaluable.

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