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An Automated Workflow Management System can Help your Business

workflow management systemsYou started your business from the ground up and have a good team of employees working with you to move your business forward, but as you grow the workload becomes progressively harder to manage. Documents get lost or forgotten, and it’s hard to manage delegating tasks because you can’t keep track of who’s doing what. Investing in an automated workflow management system can save you time, money, and stress.

What is a Workflow System

Workflow is the process in which work moves through a business. For example, the workflow of a medical insurance claim would start with the doctor sending a claim to insurance processing center.  The processing center would designate a claims adjuster and send them the documentation from the doctor. The claims adjuster would then compare the doctor’s bill and other relevant information with the client’s insurance policy. If the claim is covered, the adjuster will send it to the billing department who will arrange to pay the doctor. If the claim is not covered the adjuster will send the bill back to processing center, that will send the bill back to the doctor, and the patient will have to pay the whole of it.  This is a simplified version of the actually claims process, but serves as a demonstration of what workflow is.

An automated workflow management system is a software program designed to aid in the management and progression of tasks. It automatically moves the work through the system, once one person has completed their part of the task it sends it to the next person in the workflow. It also tracks the progress of work as it moves through the workflow, so that management can be kept up to date on important work, and inefficiencies in the workflow can be discovered. Automated workflow management systems may also do simple tasks themselves, such as converting a word document to a PDF for a company news letter, and then automatically e-mailing it out.

How it can help

An automated workflow management system can help increase the productivity and efficiency of your business by allowing you to more easily manage, and automate some of your workflow.

With an automated workflow system, tasks can be automatically distributed to the people who need to work on them. The tasks and the work done on them is monitored, resulting in a reporting and audit trail so that the work can be followed throughout your business, no more lost or forgotten documents, you know who had it last and who was supposed to do what with it.  This keeps your employees responsible and allows you to hold those who aren’t accountable.

An automated workflow management system will significantly reduce time and cost associated related to manual work that can be automated. For example, with an automated workflow management system to route mail and documents, you no longer need an office mailman.

Considering a Workflow System?

Call Micro Records today. As proud providers of quality workflow systems we know what it takes to improve your business’s efficiency quickly, and affordably. If you want to stay competitive in today’s turbulent economic times, maximizing your efficiency with a workflow system is simply a must-do.

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