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ST ViewScan III Receives Platinum Modern Library Award

STViewScanIIIThe modern library is increasingly inundated with new equipment, with products from many different companies all trying to fill one niche or another. It can be hard to decide what equipment best suits your needs. The Modern Library Awards (MLA’s) were formed to help librarians make the decision making process a little bit easier, by allowing them to compare products based on reviews given by other librarians. Today we’re proud to share a product we sell that received a platinum award from the MLA’s the ST ViewScan III, a microfilm and microfiche scanner.

How the MLA’s are Awarded

Produced by the Library Resources Group, the MLA’s is an award program started this year to give a voice to the Librarian community concerning the equipment they use.  To be eligible for an award a library equipment manufacturing company must pay a small fee and submit a description of their product and how it works for review.  The equipment is then judged by librarians in public, academic, school libraries K-12, and special libraries across the country. Only those with extensive hands on experience with the products were allowed to submit a review using a 1-10 scoring system. The reviews were compiled, and awards were given out based on the products score. Only products with an 8.5-10 received the coveted platinum award.

The ST ViewScan III

The ST ViewScan III microfilm and microfiche scanner won its award for it’s effectiveness as a scanner, for its ease of use, and its inbuilt connectivity. The ST ViewScan III is quipped with a new 14 megapixel image sensor USB 3.0 camera, the largest in any microfilm scanner. This allows for high quality color images of even smallest information stored on microfilm or microfiche. The ST ViewScan III was designed to be easy to use for patrons and experienced librarian personal with a user interface similar to that of Microsoft Windows. It also features an easy to use film loading and operating system.  Finally, the user interface and connectivity of the ST ViewScan III allow the operator to easily print, and/or save their data toGoogle Drive, Dropbox, e-mail, and USB.

Interested in Acquiring an ST ViewScan III for your Library?

Call Micro Records today. We’re proud providers of the award winning ST ViewScan microfilm and microfiche scanner. With it, you can be sure your patrons will have an award winning experience at your library or archive.

Call Micro Records today at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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