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Benefits of Digital Mail Process: Part Two


Digital mail has more than a handful of benefits. With the majority of businesses working remotely, this could be the perfect time to transition to digital mail.

Digital mail has more than a handful of benefits. With the majority of businesses working remotely, this could be the perfect time to transition to digital mail. This process can keep the junk mail to a minimum, allow fast delivery to remote workers and give the organization insight into the volume of mail they receive.

Enhance collaboration with telecommuters

Digital mail is efficient in and out of the office. These days most businesses are going virtual, meaning employees are telecommuting to work, and there is less foot traffic in offices to pick up physical mail. Rather than sending the mail to employees’ home addresses or having a designated mail separator at the office, the mail made digital mail can be sent digital directly to the recipient. In organizations such as construction companies and businesses with more off-site workers, digital mail could significantly reduce travel time for employees to come to the office and increase productivity by eliminating breaking up the day’s routine.

Gain visibility into incoming mail volume

Businesses that are knowledgeable about their incoming mail can be proactive about spending their time and resources. Digital mail allows mail managers to have the data to analyze their mail process, deliverables, and receivables. There is analytics representing mail distribution to departments, individuals, where the mail comes from, and how significant the mail is. The mailroom can generate digital mail reports about how digital mail was handled once received by a business or personal. This data can aid in the decision-making of processes and funding.

Reduce junk mail

Digital mail processes can eliminate unwanted mail volume. Organizations can suppress the forwarding of unwanted mail and send it to be recycled. Companies wanting to be more mindful of waste can reduce their paper usage with the digital pail process. With a sorting process, junk mail can be avoided more consistently and not distract employees from their work by needing to sort through and dispose of it.

Align with privacy policies

Mail opening policies vary for different organizations for various service levels, but there is flexibility in having digital mail. There are options for mail opening that can be determined per organization. The mail can be put into a digital workflow, allowing different service level employees to access service level classification mail. Images can be disposed of or sorted and explicitly delivered to specific individuals. Another approach allows the mail center to distribute the mail to either the workflow or a particular department. The mailroom can implement many options based on the organization.

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