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Rethinking the Mailroom During The Pandemic

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The pandemic has altered the way many things are done worldwide, on large and small scales.

The pandemic has altered the way many things are done worldwide, on large and small scales. Businesses are reevaluating how internal operations are to be handled. After almost two years of home-based employees, there is a need to streamline the mailing process that was at one time strictly paper-based.

Times Have Changed

In the old days, when there were paper mail, faxes (both digital and paper), and emails, it was hard, almost impossible, to keep track of all documents for one project. Accounting for human error and the general hustle of everyday life, frequently important jobs get buried or looked over. Since most inbound mail is transactional, handling mail in its paper form has become incredibly inefficient. In sorting a mailroom effectively and efficiently, the only solution is to turn it over into digital mail and reap the benefits.

Benefits of Digital Mailrooms

  • Reduced costs: Automating the mailing process is less costly than manual mail and generates revenue based on a larger scale enterprise. Manual mail requires a more significant number of employees to work longer hours.
  • Improved Speed: Today, employers and consumers want their projects to progress at warped speed in the fast-paced world. Without the hassle of sorting through infinite documents, the content becomes structured and efficient. Accelerating the mail handling process allows projects to be handled in minutes rather than days.
  • Improved security & reduced risk: The odds of mail ending up in the wrong hands are high in this day and age. Theft is too easy, never mind the fact that misplacing a paper document is just as easy. Digital mail keeps everything in one place- the computer. Determining where correspondence is directed, it is also permitted that specific people open documents in the mailing system.
  • Improved accuracy and customer experience: Human error in processing paper documents is not overlooked in the manual mail process. The speed and accuracy at which issues and questions are handled create a positive, personal, and more trusting experience.
  • More visibility & actionable insight: Information on digital mail is extracted and filed, allowing your business to keep a catalog of mail information. This can benefit the company by enabling progress to be monitored.

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

If you have more questions about document management software, Micro Records is here to help you with all of your needs. We can help your business to transition to a paperless way of life with outstanding e-forms and technology. For more information about how we can help you implement your new document management software, visit us online or give us a call at 877-410-SCAN. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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