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Case Study:Thermal-Vac, Sales Orders, and Certifications

Thermal-Vac, a machine shop based out of California, lives by the following statement: “We build good parts here, at a profit if we can, a loss if we must, but always good parts.” So as you can imagine, Thermal-Vac runs a pretty tight shop.

The problem with Thermal-Vac was not their dedication to excellence. It was their ability to manage the documentation associated with the hundreds of jobs they conducted on a day-to-day basis. Each job has relatively the same documents associated with it:

  • Checklist
  • Thermal Treatment Chart
  • Customer Order Fax Confirmation
  • Drawings
  • Invoice
  • Reports
  • Production Trailer
  • Purchase Order
  • Signed Shipper

Each of these documents needs to be shared and readily available to administrative personnel for timely reviews and often necessary for re-orders.

The Solution: Filebound Document Management Solution

Email integration and Word integration has made it easy to add or extract documents on an as-needed basis to get information to and from customers. Other benefits include:

  • Documents are no longer unsecured
  • All images are backed up and maintained
  • Machinists and Administrators can share job history and part manufacturing data amongst themselves
  • Customers now have a wider access to certification documentation, past job history, and heat-treatment logs, helping to solidify customer retention rates.

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