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CoLibri Automatic Book Covering

If you work at a library or school in Maryland, you know the importance of keeping books intact. Whether it’s a math textbook or a collection of classics, to stay cost effective books need to last through countless sets of temporary owners. As we all know, the first thing that usually goes is a book’s cover. If you can affordably replace a book cover, you can extend that book’s life for years to come. CoLibri, makers of a revolutionary automatic book covering system, are here with just a few of the many benefits their system offers, including:


The CoLibri automatic book covering system is highly portable, measuring only 26″ x 16″ x 5″, and extremely lightweight. The CoLibri Pocket Machine can be quickly folded and stored allowing you to take your book covering system wherever it needs to be with ease. Traditional book covering presses can weigh hundreds of pounds, waste significant portions of space, and require a skilled installer to move the machine.

Quick, Effective Covering

The CoLibri Pocket Machine can completely cover an unprotected book in just 20 seconds. The CoLibri cover machine consolidates a library or school’s entire covering process into a single, fluid operation. Watch your books go from fragile keepsakes to sturdy tomes of knowledge in seconds as our machine wraps them in a special, see-through layer that seals out dirt and moisture, protects against scratches and scuffing, and can be removed safely at any time.


The CoLibri Pocket Machine not only automatically covers books in record time; it’s entirely chemical free, using no glues or other adhesives. The CoLibri Pocket Machine is perfect for a library or school that’s looking to protect their books from external AND chemical damage because it’s chemical free application process maintains original book integrity while still providing the best protection in the business.

Save Your Books with The CoLibri Pocket Machine

Micro Records is proud to provide the CoLibri pocket machine to schools and libraries throughout the state of Maryland and the nation. With universally sized book covers and a process that’s effective and incredibly easy to learn, the CoLibri Pocket Machine is your answer when it comes to affordable book covering. To talk to a Micro Records representative about one, call us at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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