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Enterprise Content Management Helps You Go Green

It’s obvious that reduction or outright of elimination of paper-using practices can give your business financial benefits, as well as reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Of course, reducing your business’s reliance on paper is much easier said than done. Or is it? Enterprise Content Management systems can digitize almost, if not all of your paper processes. Micro Records is here with some of the numerous ways Enterprise Content Management solutions can save your business money while helping the environment.

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Reduced Paper Consumption

According to ARMA, the American Records Management Association, 1 worker, on average, creates anywhere from 45 to 15,000 pages of paper each business day. Between paper, ink, toner, and machine repairs, it costs almost $10,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet. Using an Enterprise Content Management system means that all your documents can be securely and easily managed digitally without printing.

Automate Paper Processes

When comparing the speed and cost of paper and digital processes, paper comes out the loser every time. According to ARMA estimates, a typical company spends between 7-14% of their total costs on processing paper documents.  Using Enterprise Content Management to digitize your paper means instant transportation of documents to their recipients and elimination of wasteful processing and shredding. Distributing documents digitally eliminates the estimated 280 hours per employee that ARMA says companies spend each year hunting down lost documents.

Less Document Storage

Storing paper documents costs roughly $0.14 per page or $1400 for every filing cabinet and the requirements for storing physical copies of documents double every three years. By storing documents digitally your business can reduce its carbon footprint, needed real estate space, and energy consumption.

Reduce Paper Waste

On average, a single American office worker throws away between 100-200lbs of paper every year. Some studies estimate that the amount of paper invoices produced annually in this country would fill 10 football fields that were each 100 feet in depth. An Enterprise Content Management System can reduce, if not eliminate, wasted paper, saving the planet and your office.

Interested in an Enterprise Content Management System?

Call Micro Records today. We’re proud providers of quality Enterprise content management systems like the secure, accessible, and cloud-based solution Imagesilo, and know how to find a Enterprise content management system that can save your business money, and save the earth from paper waste.

Call Micro Records today at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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