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Common Document Management Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Learn how to avoid the most common document management mistakes.

Learn how to avoid the most common document management mistakes.

Every day your business deals with a large number of documents, possibly in multiple formats. You may have actual, “hard,” paper files, pdf documents or other digital files, or some combination. You likely have a document management system in place to handle all of this, but sometimes mistakes happen. Read on for three common document management mistakes and what you can do to avoid them in your office.

Inconsistent Systems

Do you have different departments using different document management systems? Perhaps some of your employees require paper files that they can store and access in the actual filing cabinets in their offices. While another department has digital files that need to be stored on a cloud because those employees need to be able to access them from anywhere in the world. These systems probably make perfect sense to the people in each department, but when multiple departments need the same files or when your employees need to switch between departments, you can have issues. Decide on a unified approach that your whole business can use. There are document management systems that can help you do this, even if you can’t go paperless and still need a mix of paper and digital files.

Lost Documents

On average, businesses lose 7.5% of their documents and never find them. While that may or may not be a lot in your office, it certainly translates into a lot of work hours spent looking for and then ultimately recreating or replacing them, especially if you don’t have them scanned to a backup. Whether you deal with paper or digital files, consider implementing policies to limit document loss. For paper documents, consider a policy that all files must be refiled before employees leave. For digital files, mandate a naming convention and the use of tags so that searching for lost digital files is easier. Either way, making sure your employees are aware of the new policies and offering good training will be key.

User Error

Even the best document management system will eventually fall prey to user error. Human error is inevitable. Consider automating as many of the processes as you can. For those that can’t be automated, offer frequent, thorough training. Obviously, this training is vital for new hires, but it is equally important for existing employees. Offer refreshers once or twice a year to keep people from slipping into bad habits.

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