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Common Misconceptions About Document Imaging Services

Learn about the common misconceptions about document imaging services.

Learn about the common misconceptions about document imaging services.

We recently discussed how digital documents are safer and easier to manage than paper, but how do you transition from paper to electronic? This is where document imaging systems come into play. Document imaging involves digitizing the paper document and collecting information. If you’re looking to make your documents safer and less bulky document imaging services are a great option. But, before you start in, there are a few misconceptions about the process we want to clear up.

It’s Not Just Scanning

If you’re scanning old documents, you’re just creating a mess in your digital storage. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a clear idea of what the documents you are transferring are for before you begin.

Don’t Forget The Prep

Before you begin the process of digitizing your documents, there is an abundance of prep work that must be done. Staples and paper clips must be removed, which can be tedious if they are inconsistent and on small segments. This means that every page must be checked before it is processed. You’ll also need to sort the pages into batches and add separator sheets as required. All of these will need to be taken into account when considering a price rate.  

OCR Will Not Work

In the early days of automated recognition programs, there was often an issue of technology under-delivering. While OCR’s can be valuable tools, they are not the best solution, especially if you are working with larger quantities of material.

Don’t Be Fooled by Outsourcing Prices

One of the biggest mistakes companies make as they begin to outsource their digitizing needs is not to get proper price quotes. While some companies will advertise a low rate, this usually is only for very basic processing. It is likely that your budget for the project will be fairly significant. That said, most companies find that outsourcing the project is the most valuable because it can take a lot of time and would require workforce that could be better spent.

Don’t Rely on MPFs

MPF scanning technology has advanced dramatically in the last few years, but it is still not as successful or versatile as dedicated systems. If you are only working on smaller projects, an MPF can work perfectly. If you are looking to digitize significant amounts of data a document scanner is the way to go.

For All Your Document Needs Call Micro Record Today

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