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Most Effective Ways to Manage Your Membership Records

Continue reading to learn the most effective ways to manage your membership records.

Continue reading to learn the most effective ways to manage your membership records.

It’s an important part of all membership-based organizations to have an effective record management system in place. In this article, we’ll explore the ways to make keeping, organizing, and accessing your records much more efficient. With the proper program and training in place, your organization will be prepared to manage the growing membership records.  

Physical to Digital

The most efficient and practical way to manage membership records is to recycle the paper and move onto a digital approach. As often as possible, process new members using technology that directly transfers vital member information into a digital database. In those cases when paper processing is necessary, have a system in place for scanning that information into a program that will better keep everything organized and accessible.


As organization representatives are often traveling and attending industry-related events, it’s important to have access to membership records while on the go. Digital software and cloud-based storage options not only provide access on the go, but they also act as a necessary backup in case you experience any power outages or hardware issues on site. Even if it remains the preference of your organization to maintain physical copies of the records, different representatives will be able to access them at different locations, and even at the same time.  


Digital record-keeping makes accessing the information that you’re looking for a much more efficient and quicker activity. Instead of sorting through dozens of folders and drawers, you’ll only likely have to type in a member’s name to find what you’re looking for.   


With all of the benefits that come with going digital, it also leaves some of your information susceptible to hacking. Therefore, it’s important that when choosing to use the benefits of digital record management, your organization also takes every step to protect your members’ information from would-be hackers. Be sure to also install the necessary software that will encrypt sensitive information to protect the identities of your members.  

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