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Creating A Paperless Law Office

Law Firms are one of the most paper consuming businesses in the country. The copies of numerous legal documents that a single attorney makes on any given day is staggering. Not only is this bad for the environment, it’s also expensive! That’s why, in recent years, many law offices have tried going paperless, or at least moving in that direction. Micro Records is here with some tips on how to make your law office as paperless as possible.

Buy a Digital Document Management System

The quickest and most efficient solution for making your Law Office as paperless as possible is investing in a digital document management system. Using one of these systems will give you the ability to instantly access important files and documents from anywhere while reducing the need for paper and printing by a large margin. While you can skate by on storing files in email, a document management system provides intuitive organization and protection for all your documents and ensures files will never go missing.

Implement a Suitable Data Backup Process

However you choose to store your documents and information you should make sure that all important files are incorporated into a multi-tiered backup system. Make sure to backup files on more than one portable device every day, or set up an offsite backup through a digital document management company. Check your backups regularly to ensure all your files are safe. Ensuring that your files are backed up eliminates the need for your law office to physically store many documents, and will push you further down the paperless path.

Document Production

On occasions when it’s legal, and your client expresses no objection, try to produce as many documents as possible in PDF or other acceptable file formats. However, make sure that you always keep the original document for yourself. By cutting down on unnecessary printing your law office is one step closer to going entirely paperless.

Want Your Law Office to Go Paperless?

If you’re looking to save your law office money, and reduce its environmental impact, paperless is definitely the way to go. With products like ImageSilo, MicroRecords can provide you with maximum storage, security, and accessibility for all your Maryland practice’s medical records. We’ve also  got the experience and training to help all our clients every step of the way with top-quality customer service.

Call Micro Records today at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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