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Finding an Enterprise Content Management System for your Law Office

Law offices are reliant on paper, almost more than any other kind of office in the world. Between the vast number of legal documents, correspondence, payroll records, and more, legal offices are often drowning in a sea of the stuff. One of the best ways to cut down on this glut of documentation is to adopt an Enterprise content management system. But how to choose the right one? Fortunately, Micro Records is here with a list of what to look for in an ECM for your law office.

Easy to Use

With paper usage being such an integral part of the history of law offices, it’s no wonder that people are often suspicious of transitioning to enterprise content management. Since most offices will have employees with a wide range of technological proficiency, it’s important to find an enterprise content management system that’s easy to use. Find a system that’s intuitive and has well-documented manuals, guides, and training materials.

Will it Integrate Easily?

An excellent enterprise content management system will integrate easily with your current information systems and architecture, retrieving information from your entire office. Try to find a system that will provide the most seamless transition. Your law office needs an ECM that can store emails, faxes, documents, voice files, and more while also allowing you to interface with legal software that’s tailored for your profession including administrative, practice management, billing, time accounting, case management, and HR software

Advanced Functionality

Enterprise content management systems provide a multitude of services. Your potential system should allow for easy indexing and retrieval, effortlessly sorting documents in any way you need it to. It should also provide robust workflow management tools, allowing you to efficiently distribute work throughout your law office and ensuring that tasks are completed correctly and on-time. Web-based ECMs are also a must. This will allow you to access your documents, files, and information from any web browser on any platform, ensuring that attorneys can easily retrieve client records and other documents wherever they are.

Interested in a great ECM System for Your Law Office?

Call Micro Records today. We’re proud providers of quality Enterprise content management systems like the secure, accessible, and cloud-based solution Imagesilo, and know how to find an enterprise content management system that can save your business money, and save the earth from paper waste.

Call Micro Records today at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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