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book2net Spirit to Revolutionize Document Imaging

book2net Spirit Digital Imaging Solution

The book2net Spirit the digital imaging solution for you.

The book2net Spirit offered by Micro Records Company inc. is a game changing entry in the arena of document imaging.  Document imaging is the best described as the process of taking hard copy documents and turning them into digital copies saved on the computer in a variety of formats. The book2net is described as an entry level book scanner that can be used at the professional level. Designed to be easy to use, and dramatically reduce overhead costs of traditional scanning equipment.  The book2net Spirit suits the needs of a digital imaging scanner so well, that several are currently in service at the Library of Congress.

Easy to Use

The book2net Spirit is easy to use due to its intuitive design, user friendly interface and automated features. The book2net spirit is shaped like a lectern or podium with a high resolution digital camera overhead facing down and a touch screen monitor on the back facing you.  When you set the book, or documents, you want imaged down on the podium the touch screen displays the papers in real time. After a moment the digital camera automatically the exposure to insure the page is neither to bright nor too dark,  and adjusts the zoom to fit the page on the screen.  Using the touch screen interface the user may zoom on particular passages they’d like copied, or adjust the color or exposure with simple controls. The user also uses the touch screen to determine the type of file they’d like the images saved as, be it JPG, JPEG2000, PDF, Multipage PDF, or TIFF, and where they want the image to be saved. The image may be saved onto a USB in at an easily accessible port on the side of the touch screen, or the image may be e-mailed to any e-mail account of the user’s choice.  Finally, the button to activate the image scanner and save the pages is located where one would naturally rest there hand if they were standing at a normal lectern. All of these design features add up to an intuitive and easy to use device that’s friendly to both the layman and professional. The ability to quickly and easily make digital copies allows the user to access the documents anywhere they like as long as they have access to their e-mail.

Reduce Expenses

The traditional printer, scanner, copier combo is a versatile machine that many business currently rely on to make hard copies of digital documents and digital documents of hard copies. However, with the increasing prevalence of digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops, hard copies are becoming less convenient, if not unnecessary and wasteful. Large collections of physical documents take up a large amount of space and take a long time to organize compared to digital documents. This lost time and space represents increased overhead. In addition to the time and space lost with physical copies, the traditional office printer, scanner, and copier requires paper, toner, and maintenance, all of which add to your overhead. The book2net requires no paper or toner, and it because it lacks moving parts, like those in a copier, rarely needs maintenance. In the unlikely even that it does, Micro Records Company inc. offers it for free.


Interested in a book2net Spirit?

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