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First National Bank of Wahoo: Streamlined Banking Procedures with FileBound

The First National Bank of Wahoo, Nebraska was founded in 1882 and has remained a stable presence in the community since its inception. However, as the FNB of Wahoo continued to grow, they found that they were running out of space. After all, over 120 years of documents can take up a lot of room!

The Problem: The FNB of Wahoo was not only worried about its complete lack of space, but it also wanted to improve its document management, security, and overall efficiency.

The Solution: FileBound Document Management!

The FNB of Wahoo scanned over 120 years of documents into its brand new FileBound system. This process, while time consuming, also allowed the bank to sort and dispose of any unnecessary files.

“The whole process took about six months, but once they were in, they were in, and it seems like every day we are saying ‘hey this is great,” said FNB of Wahoo President and CEO Steve Sallenbach.
The Benefits of FileBound

  • Saved valuable time sorting, organizing, and eventually locating files.
  • The FNB of Wahoo was able to eliminate over a third of their storage space.
  • Streamlined processes.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Greater document security.
  • And more!

“We really like [FileBound],” said Sallenbach, “I would say to any prospect, ‘you definitely need to do this!’.”

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