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How to Find the Best Workflow System for Your Small Business

While a small business comprised of just a few people may be able to skate by, managing all their workflow by themselves, after a certain point inefficiencies will develop. If left unchecked this could rapidly progress into a serious problem resulting in endless workplace confusion and wasted time. That’s why finding the right workflow system is vital to the success of any small business, it’s their best tool in staying competitive with larger companies that have employed these practices for decades. But how do you find a workflow system that synergizes best with your business? Micro Records is here with questions to keep in mind that will guide you to the proper workflow system.


Can this Workflow System Be Easily Integrated?

Switching between a traditional business management application to a workflow system can be tricky and it’s easy for files and tasks to get lost in the switch. This risk is mitigated by purchasing a workflow system that can be integrated with your current system smoothly, making the transition easy and resulting in less work rather than more.

Can it Be Easily Customized?

Almost every small business needs a workflow system that can be easily customized to their particular needs and operating procedures. A pre-built application with zero user-end configurability require complicated code writing to change their functionality, making them a hassle for any small business with specific or unique needs. Look for user-friendly systems that can be modified easily.

Does the System Offer Sequence Automation?

Sequence automation, also termed “baton passing,” is a fancy way of referring to task structuring. A workflow system that offers this makes sure that new sequences or tasks cannot be created until prerequisite activities have been completed. This is a basic feature all workflow systems should offer.

Does the Workflow System Balance Task Distribution?

Another essential aspect of any workflow system is the ability to weigh and balance tasks appropriately. This means a system that allows you to look at any type of given project, see available workers and their workloads, and assign work accordingly. A good workflow system also offers a small business the ability to contain tasks among groups, ensuring that nobody has access to data that does not pertain to them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more you can consider when looking into purchasing a workflow system for your small business. However this should be a good starting point in your search and allow you to separate potential candidates from obvious losers. If you want a superior workflow system without all the hassle, then call Micro Records today. We’re proud providers of quality workflow management systems like the secure and accessible, PaperVision Enterprise Workflow. Call Micro Records today at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your small business!

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