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How to Stay Compliant During Data Destruction

How to Stay Compliant During Data Destruction

In order to remain in compliance during data destruction, many steps have to be followed.

In this modern age, a lot of the data that we gather and store is digital, and the amount of digital data we store is expected to go up as time goes on. Companies across the world are responsible for holding a great deal of data, and when you have this much data, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. Part of being responsible with data is knowing the right way to dispose of it, which is what data destruction is all about.

Data destruction is a process through which data is properly destroyed, in a manner so that the data is illegible and unusable once destruction is complete. In order to remain in compliance during data destruction, many steps have to be followed.

Put a Data Destruction and Disposal Policy in Place

A data destruction policy is used to help take people through the steps necessary to appropriately clean and destroy documents. You have to make sure that this policy stays compliant with all regulations in your area.

To do this, companies must identify all of the data that needs protecting. Different pieces of data need to be handled in different ways.

Get Records Digitized

Under law, companies will have to hold on to certain documents for a particular amount of time. In many scenarios, however, paper only provides extra risk. By getting records digitized, data can be stored more securely. This also makes it easier to permanently destroy data whenever necessary.

Make Use of Records Management Software

When you use records management software, it’s far easier for you to protect data throughout its lifespan. You can automate your processes and get autonomous audits done so that your system will tell you whenever data is expiring and in need of being destroyed.

Work Alongside a Records Management Consultant

The laws that are in place for data destruction and retention will vary based on your industry and the state in which your facility resides. To guarantee that you stay compliant, a records management consultant can be a great help. They will let you know if you are storing and destroying documents properly, and also provide input on how to improve your processes if they are not being carried out as they should.

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

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