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The Importance of Record Keeping in Your Classroom

Learn about the importance of record keeping in your classroom.

Learn about the importance of record keeping in your classroom.

Attendance, lesson plans, supply inventory, and more. These are all aspects of running a classroom and teaching a class. Teachers have a better chance at efficiency if they come up with a solid and customizable plan for classroom record keeping. Learn more about the importance of record keeping in your classroom.

Classroom Organization

The main reason to implement record keeping in the classroom is for organization. Being a well-organized teacher allows you to spend more time focusing on the lessons and the students. You’ll likely apply your record keeping system to your grades, correspondences with parents, daily attendance, and other student-related forms and paperwork. Document management system software will allow you to create a system that makes these files easily accessible and manageable.

Filing Your Lesson Plans

At the start of each year, you likely have a schedule of all the topics and lessons you’ll cover over the course of the school year. Keeping all those worksheets organized can be a tall order without the proper system. Record keeping will allow you to organize lessons and the appropriate worksheets in their respective folders. You could also organize them with a calendar so that you’re completely prepared as the year moves along.

Class Policies

At the beginning of each school year, many teachers hand out their syllabus in addition to their own classroom policies. These are likely unique to each teacher and include the policies of the school as well. Having these policies organized and readily available for each student allows them and their families to better understand and adhere to them. They’ll likely include your policies on turning in make-up work, how attendance can affect grading, if there are ways to earn extra credit, and other important rules.

Other Departments

Maintaining an organized system of record keeping allows for better and easier collaboration among other teachers in the department and throughout the school. Teachers can compare notes, share resources, and ensure that everyone is on track. It helps with consistency and even facilitates the quality of education you’re able to provide the students.   

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