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The Importance of Scanning and Shredding Your Documents

 Learn about the importance of scanning and shredding your documents.

Learn about the importance of scanning and shredding your documents.

Whether you are running a business or just trying to keep your personal documents updated, scanning and shredding documents is crucial. It is of the utmost importance to scan and shred any of your new documents in order to protect your privacy and to stay organized. It is paramount that these processes are done in tandem together in order to achieve the most efficient and optimal approach to organizing any new documents. In addition to staying protected and organized, there is a litany of other ways this method will benefit both you and your business.

Reasons Why

Why should you scan new records if you have the hard copies on hand? Scanning documents allows you to lower copying costs, boost efficiency, and will protect your documents. More than 50 percent of businesses will fail when fires or floods claim their hard copies, so scanning is super important.

Why should you shred your hard copies once they are scanned? Not only will shredding help you to protect sensitive or personal information, but it will lessen the storage space you need for documents. This will allow you to be more productive; use the space you save for something else!

Things to Consider

When establishing your own system for scanning and shredding documents, there are a few aspects of this process to consider. Perhaps you would benefit from implementing a day-forward scanning program. In a day-forward scanning program, all of your documents are scanned and converted over to digital as soon as they are produced over the daily course of business. When you keep a minimum amount of hard copies of documents, you can use the extra space you save for more employees instead of bulky filing cabinets.

Before setting up your own system, make sure you get good advice considering legal aspects of your business. For example, for some information like PHI, there are laws that require you to provide proof that they have been destroyed. To prove this, most shredding providers give a Certificate of Destruction which details the chain of custody and shredding date and location. Make sure you figure out what kinds of documents need this attention before you scan and shred them.


About Micro Records

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