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2 Crucial Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Paperless

Learn why it’s crucial for your business to go paperless!

Learn why it’s crucial for your business to go paperless!

Many companies are choosing to cut back on paper to not only improve their environmental impact, but to cut back on costs and increase efficiency in the workplace. Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your daily life is important for everyone, and going paperless is a great place to start! Continue reading to learn about the crucial reasons why your business should make the transition to a paperless office.

Reduce Costs

Did you know that going paperless can significantly reduce costs? In a business, costs are typically broken down into two categories- hard and soft costs. The soft costs refer to things such as lost productivity, while hard costs are more tangible, such as shipping and storage costs. Going paperless can reduce costs in both of these categories. When a worker has to take additional time to search through file cabinets to find a specific document, they are wasting precious time during their workday. This time can be saved by having digital records, as it takes a fraction of the time to find a file online by using a smart filing system and searching with keywords or dates.

Shipping and storing paper can also account for a large number of your business’s costs. If your company only uses paper, then you likely have multiple filing cabinets. Eventually, you will run out of room and have to choose between paying excessive fees to an offsite storage company or deciding to make the switch to a paperless office. The choice should be clear, as digital files will result in increased productivity and lower costs!


If your business relies on paper documents, the collaboration process can be extremely slow. If team members have their own copy and make edits to one report, the revisions will be out of sync as they do not have access to each piece of paper. This is even true when the document is emailed or scanned, as this doesn’t help to manage files effectively. The best way to improve collaboration in your office is to use digital files that employees can access at the same time. Most document management systems utilize features such as review-only or edit modes, to allow for a more systematic way of tracking changes to collaboration documents.

Go Paperless With Micro Records

Due to our companies outstanding 2017 sales, Digitech Systems has selected Micro Records Company as A 2018 Gold Star Partner! Micro Records can help your business transition to a paperless way of life with quality e-forms and technology. For more information about how we can help your business utilize proactive monitoring, transition to doing things digitally, get rid of sensitive documents securely or benefit from new technology solutions, visit us online or give us a call at (877) 410-SCAN. For more tips on transitioning your business to paperless technology and going green, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr.

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