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All About The 5 Types Of Document Scanning Services

 Learn about the five types of document scanning services

Learn about the five types of document scanning services

Scanning documents may seem like such a mundane task that you may never even have considered outsourcing it to a professional company. After all, what is so difficult about scanning a piece of paper? The truth is that there are many scanning options and services available that you may not even know exist. You should consider the benefits of a service before you undertake a scanning project on your own.

Bulk Scanning

Depending on the number of files you need to scan, this benefit alone could be enough to make you hire a professional service right here. How many files do you need to scan, at how many pages each? While your scanner can likely feed one page or maybe a few pages at a time, bulk scanners can handle very large volumes, very efficiently. This means that a job that would likely take someone in your office months, could be done in a matter of days.

Large Format Scanning

If your files and documents include anything large format, such as maps, plats, architectural drawings, or engineering plans, you probably don’t have a scanner that can handle them. Scanning services often have large format scanners that can handle documents up to 54 inches by 72 inches. These scans will come back to you in high-resolution format, perfect for easy future reference.

OCR Scanning

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a scanning process that leaves files available for editing and markup. It also allows you to search your scanned documents by keyword. If you need easy access to a digital version of your files so that you can continue to use and edit them, OCR is the way to go.

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

If your company still has old files that were saved to microfilm or microfiche, consider hiring a scanning service to digitize them. This will make the files easier to access and also help to protect them.

Onsite Scanning

Most scanning services take your records offsite to scan them and then return them to you (or in some cases, store them, if record management is a service they offer). However, if your files are particularly sensitive, or you can’t be without them for more than a few hours, you’re not stuck doing all the scanning yourself. Some scanning services will do the job onsite at your location if that is what you need.

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