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Industries That Should Use Document Shredding Services

Industries That Should Use Document Shredding Services

Here are the industries that should undeniably use document shredding services.

Document shredding is a vital service. It’s an underrated and overlooked way of protecting customers. Customers trust that businesses that service them will keep their personally identifiable information (PII) out of the wrong hands. The same goes for employees and the companies that employ them. Secure shredding is a highly effective way to discard paper documents. Here are the industries that should undeniably use document shredding services.

Accounting and Tax Preparation Companies

Individuals trust accounting companies and tax preparers with some of the most vital yet vulnerable data. They house customers’ Social Security information to their annual income in their filing cabinets. While this PII should be kept around for about seven years, it is crucial to discard this information as long as the company doesn’t have to keep it around legally.

Law Firms

Legal entities and their associates collect vast amounts of vulnerable data. Evidence, transcripts, court proceedings, and legal records are documents that law professionals should destroy when it’s no longer needed.


Law offices, like accounting and tax professionals, have to keep this information around for a legally predetermined time. However, once these documents pass these dates, lawyers should set up an appointment with a trusted shredding paper service provider.


Banks, one of the oldest institutions, house a vast amount of paperwork regarding financial transactions. This paperwork includes deposit and withdrawal slips, loan applications, and account statements, which should not be leaked or misused.

Healthcare Facilities

The law has clear rules when it comes to healthcare documents. Any documents that contain information protected by HIPPA should be destroyed completely, or there will be dire consequences. Shredding services provide extra protection by rendering medical records unreadable, ensuring that no one can recover or misuse them.

Educational Institutions

Schools and learning facilities contain a lot of information about students, such as their addresses, social security numbers, and health information. Most educational facilities only have to keep this information about three to four years after a student leaves or graduates. Educational facilities can set up a shredding event at the end of each school year.


Another consideration is deciding to go digital. Suppose you fear that you will need to see vital information years later, or you’ll have that one customer or student that will require information many years later. In that case, it’s always worth considering having a digital backup. Ensure that you also have the proper security tools to protect online data.


Contact Micro Records today if you’d like to learn more about document shredding. Document shredding services can make your commercial establishment that much safer and trustworthy.

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