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No More Excuses: Document Management with FileBound

Document ManagementIt’s easy to make excuses for not making a big investment, even when it can be very beneficial personally or professionally. We all do it on a regular basis. We put off buying that new energy efficient washer/dryer unit that will cut our energy bill in half because we don’t want the up front costs, or we avoid hiring companies to help us become organized because we just can’t justify taking it out of the budget. When it comes to document management, though, there should be no excuses for keeping better tabs on it. Read on to debunk some of the excuses that companies make on a regular basis to avoid purchasing document management software.

  • If we REALLY need it, we can find it – This excuse is one of the worst and oldest in the book. While you probably CAN find it if you really need it, do you want to spend that much time searching for something for a client or customer? As a rule, it’s bad customer service to keep someone waiting when you have a way to very quickly and efficiently find the files
  • It keeps our employees busy – Searching for documents will definitely keep your employees busy and working, but will it keep them doing productive things? You need your employees working to better the company, not searching for a long forgotten about document that you haven’t seen in ages. You hire employees for their skill and talent. Use them for it!
  • It’s too expensive – FileBound doesn’t come with the normal upfront costs that most document management systems do. Plus, over time you will spend less money on ink and paper. You’ll also help save the environment and give your employees a way to access the files from anywhere in the world, at any time. This alone will save you both time AND money.

FileBound will benefit your large or small business by allowing you to manage your documents and keep them safe and secure. The backup files will save your documents from any chance of disaster, computer crash, or loss of hard copy. Consider a document management system your document insurance; keep yourself covered and make sure that your clients have access to what they need, all in one fell swoop.

If you are interested in learning more about Document Management with Filebound, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! Digitech Systems offers its comprehensive ECM product suite exclusively through its Value-Added Resellers, like Micro Records, a leading document imaging company that provides value pricing and quality document conversion deliverables.

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