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PaperVision Capture Desktop: Document Capture & Document Management

As you probably already know, there are numerous benefits to going digital, converting your paper documents to electronic files.

Benefits of Document Capture & Document Management

  1. Capture paper documents and covert them to electronic files
  2. Make documents searchable
  3. Increase efficiency
  4. Boost productivity
  5. Reduce paper and storage costs
  6. Enable employees to access and complete transactions remotely
  7. Eliminate manual processes
  8. Automate workflows
  9. Streamline review and approval processes
  10. And so much more!

These benefits are only for big businesses, right? Your small business can simply not afford a enterprise-grade document capture and document management system. Wrong! Papervision Capture Desktop from DigiTech Systems is not only affordable, but incredibly easy to use, allowing your small business the same benefits from electronic document capture as the big boys.

Desktop provides end users with the document capture capabilities of enterprise-class capture applications including scanning, indexing, barcode recognition, image processing, zonal and full-text optical character recognition (OCR), and export and FTP capabilities.

Interested in PaperVision Capture Desktop for your Small Business? Then call Micro Records Today!

Our records management system can turn every paper document you have into an electronic file, organized any way you want. You can retrieve the information you need whenever you need it, even from a remote location via the internet. And when you need a document, a stored image of that document can be printed out any time.

If you would like to learn more about PaperVision Capture Desktop from Digitech Systems, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit!

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