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The Benefits of ST ViewScan: It’s Time to get rid of your old Scanner

Are you tired of dealing with that old scanner that just never seems to produce the results you had hoped for? Well, there is a better product out there that not only produces superior images, but offers several other benefits, as well.

ST ViewScan

By combining digital view, digital scan, and digital on-screen film controls, ST ViewScan makes it easier than ever to view yesterday’s media, including microfilm, microfiche, microcards, opaque cards, aperture cards, and more, using today’s digital technology.

The Benefits of ST ViewScan

  1. Newer imaging technology provides best possible performance
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Easily upgradable
  4. Simple, intuitive on-screen controls make ST ViewScan easy to use
  5. The single roller design allows for simplified film loading
  6. Users can scan any size roll film, microfiche, opaque micro cards, aperture cards and much more
  7. View text on film while moving from page to page
  8. While images on other scanners may become pixelated when refreshing live images, ST ViewScan eliminates this problem
  9. Fast high resolution scanning
  10. Produce archival quality scans
  11. Users have the ability to share film over the Internet, making it viewable anywhere in the world
  12. Broadcast a live video feed of microfilm images over the internet without needing to scan the pages
  13. And so much more!

ST ViewScan is the Ultimate Digital Solution for your Library’s Microform Collection!

If you would like to learn more about the new ST ViewScan, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!


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