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Picking Between a Database and a Spreadsheet

Picking Between a Database and a Spreadsheet

Today, we’ll be looking at what makes a database different from a spreadsheet.

Some people use the terms spreadsheet and database interchangeably, but the two of them have quite a few distinctions. If you’re going to decide on one for your business, it’s important to understand these distinctions ahead of time. That’s why, today, we’ll be looking at what makes a database different from a spreadsheet.

What is a Database?

A database refers to an organized culmination of information that can be accessed with the help of a computer. In other words, it is a way of tracking information and keeping it organized within a highly malleable digital platform.

Databases are able to be displayed in tabular structures, which is close to how a spreadsheet would function. However, on top of that, databases are also able to have relational data, which is able to be connected throughout multiple tables.

Because of this relationship, tables can become linked in ways that are more logical. This means you can use your data in a more efficient and flexible manner. In summary, databases are able to use more complex use cases, which actually makes work more simple.

What is a Spreadsheet?

Many people have worked with spreadsheets before, but there are some specifics that we want to cover. When we talk about spreadsheets, we’re referring to digital ledgers that are designed to keep data stored in columns and rows (also referred to as the tabular format). When using numeric data, spreadsheets give you the ability to apply formulas so that you can perform different preset functions.

The main aspect of a spreadsheet is that it is built to calculate and store data. They’re quite helpful if you need to store lists, keep track of a budget, or run some numbers. Spreadsheets have been around for many years now, even decades, and the uses for them continue to grow. It’s typically best to avoid spreadsheets when you need to store large amounts of data because it gets increasingly difficult to keep it all organized. However, if you don’t have too much data to manage, it can be a perfectly viable option for you.

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