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Preparing Your Documents for Document Scanning

Document scanning

Don’t let your receipts rip during scanning. Check with Micro Records on how to protect your receipts.

After months of consideration, you have finally decided to go digital with all of your documents. Congratulations! Document scanning will not only save you time in finding your documents, but it will also keep your documents organized and free us some space in your office. But before Micro Records picks up your documents, it is important to prepare them for the service. Depending on the fragility of your documents, there are a number of ways you can prepare for your document scanning service. Read on to find out what they are!

Remove Accessories

It is recommended that you take the time to remove staples, tape, paper clips, and other items from your documents before giving the documents to Micro Records. These accessories can cause papers to rip and even take away from the quality of the image we are attempting to scan. If you are using these items for outside of your office, it could cause them to be rejected when they are put into an official database.

Reinforcing Receipts

Receipts are a vital part of your business. From documenting past purchases to documenting payments, receipts are important to have all year-round and particularly around tax time. But these little strips of paper can be difficult to scan. Receipt paper deteriorates quickly and the ink rubs off the paper if it is handled too many times. Instead of handing Micro Records a pile of these fragile pieces of paper, place them on a blank sheet of paper so they will be easier to see.

Identify Fraying, Ripped, and Damaged Documents

Damaged documents also require special care when scanning them. Make sure to place these documents aside from the others so they can be treated with extra care. Put them in their own box and label them as fragile.

Document Storage

Once the documents have been scanned, have you thought about where you would like to put them? Many companies choose to simply shred them once they have been scanned, while others prefer to hold onto the documents in a secure offsite document storage facility. Make sure you have a place for the documents to go so they aren’t cluttering up your office and file cabinets.

Document scanning is an important part of keeping your business organized and updated. With these tips, your documents will be ready to go for our scanners. For more information on document scanning, call Micro Records today!

Document Scanning Service with Micro Records!

No matter what kind of business you have, you want to spend your time working for your clients, not searching for paperwork. Micro Records can help you with that. Our products can get you on the right track. If you want to learn more about how we can help you to smoothly transition to the digital age, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visiting!

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