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How to Protect Old Documents in Your Office

Learn how to protect old documents in your office.

Learn how to protect old documents in your office.

One of the most important but most time-consuming duties of office management teams is storing, organizing, and protecting old documents. Depending on how long you’ve been in business and what industry you’re in, you may have accumulated many files. Open those file cabinets and drawers and get started on the task of sorting and securing your company’s documents. Check out this guide for protecting old documents in your office.

A Document Purge

The first step in this process is to go through your documents and decide what should be kept and what you should purge. A great idea is to create a criterion that makes sense for your business. For example, if the date on a document is older than a certain year, then that document can be purged. Some industries must adhere to government regulations, so it’s essential to inquire about any before starting the purge. Furthermore, to ensure that sensitive data remains protected, it’s critical to use the appropriate methods to get rid of those older and unnecessary files securely.  

Digital Storage

Maintaining a large collection of paper files takes up a lot of space and time. Therefore, a great method for more efficient management and protection is to digitize the documents. Digitizing documents with document scanning allows them to be properly indexed and safely stored with encryption and password protection. A computer program will allow these documents to be easily retrieved, backed up, and recovered. The physical copies can then be shredded and disposed of using secure methods.

Backup and Recovery

If you’re feeling some anxiety about digitizing your most important documents and purging the physical copies, you don’t have to be afraid. A cloud-based management system is the best way to ensure that your vital records are always secure and protected. Documents stored using cloud-based management are kept on multiple servers. Therefore, retrieval will always be possible, and you won’t have to sort through dozens of drawers and folders to find it.

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