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How Quality Document Management Can Save Time


Document Management

Can the right approach towards document management actually end up saving you time?

Document management is a critical part of every business. No matter the industry or business size, there are going to documents of some sort. There will be invoices to send out, others to receive, reports to file, and many other types of documentation. When you invest in quality document management systems you can save time and improve business operations tremendously.

Streamline Your Workflows

A quality document management system can automate some of the administrative processes that you do on a routine basis. This has the double benefit of not only speeding up the work itself, but it also reduces the incidence of error compared to when it is done manually. This will save you money, but it will also save you time since you won’t have to go back to correct that human error. These automated tasks can be easily tailored to exactly what your company needs.

Collaborate More Efficiently

When your documents are centrally stored and easily accessed, it makes it easier for different employees across different departments to work together. Quality document management systems make this possible so that your employees spend less time going back and forth to make sure they have the same documents, and they can simply work together easily.

Decrease Formatting Time

The format that a document starts in is not always the usable final form that it needs to be in. For instance, if your company creates files in a specialized program, like InDesign or Final Draft, they will need to be converted to something easily readable, like a PDF. Depending on the number of files, this reformatting could be very time consuming if done manually. A quality document management system will allow you to save your files in the format that you need while also making a copy in PDF automatically so that it is there and correctly formatted whenever you need it. 

Reduce Searching Time

Probably the most obvious time-saving benefit of a quality document management system is that it will save your employees a ton of time when searching for a file. The system properly organizes and provides easy access to your documents. This is not particularly exciting, but many employees spend up to 3.5 hours each week looking for files that have been misplaced. Those hours add up quickly and consequently, a document management system can drastically improve productivity. 

Increase Processing Speed

When you have a document that needs to be processed by multiple departments, having it centralized in a document management system means that this can happen more quickly. Instead of waiting for a file to be emailed or sent internally, a quality system can alert the right employees when the document is ready for their stage of processing. 

About Micro Records

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